Voice is important. Not just academically. Obviously. Yea I’m not the best conversationalist. Best advice I’ve remembered?

PRACTICE, you shit.

And, here’s info that helped me for PW in JC. Got A. Just saying..

Summary of youtube videos on vocal coaching etc.

How it works?

power source – breathing in diaphragm
vibratory source – v-shaped vocal cords/voice box
amplification – spaces in throat mouse and nose. mouth nose most effective. lips tounge teeth help shape sound.


drink water.
don’t clear throat. clearing = slamming vocal cords together.
when sick reduce voice demands
obviously, don’t smoke or abuse voice (eg. shouting, just pretend like you cheering ;D)


Q:why morning voice “froggy”?
A:drink room temp Water, before drinking other liquids (coffee, orange juice, etc)

Q:why when nervous voice shake when im nervous?
A:unconsciously hold our breaths (partly cos of your scared pounding heart)
also, burn some energy by brisk walking, etc. Deep long breaths from diaphragm slows down heart.

Q:when reading scripts aloud, why i grasp for air?
A:poorly written. long sentence. you should understand then braek up sentence into parts.


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