PCME GP Reflections. Compilations. Book Reviews. (JC)

Resources (I think) you should get (and not get)

I’m not advertising/ defaming anything. Having the right notes is important. As you may already know, thick and heavy lecture notes are not much better than the textbooks. Again, these are strictly my opinion on what works for A levels. Written for students, parents and what not.


What is it?
Paper 1(MCQ) 2(structured) 3(long structured). SPA practical.


  • Just understand. Then practice till intuitive. For me it was semi cyclic, ie after practice, understood more, then practice again. I used 1 A5 exercise book for my notes. 1 topic 1 page.
  • SPA do carefully. Remember teachers’ “hints” (ps.. some class do on different day cos only 5 labs mah, rumours spread..)
  • Before A level, do practice paper, review. MCQ need the speed 1h15m paper. ~17 min 10 qn.
  • My school lecture notes suck. sry. Were replaced by the nj guide and cs toh guide.

Review of stuff. Most Books available at Popular. JC-produced-notes may find 2nd hand online/ free uploads.


2008 NJC H2 Physics Revision notes

  • //Good for Understanding. (bought 2nd hand online).


Physics A level Study Guide by CS Toh.

  • //Good for Understanding. (can buy at Popular)


GCE A level Worked solutions. Topic by Topic. aka TYS.

  • //Good for Practice (can buy at Popular) Questions organised by topic. only have 2 full a level papers.


1000 physics MCQ with helps.

  • //Sian do a bit. (can buy at Popular)


A level Challenging drill questions and solutions for H1,H2

  • //Overkill zone. Do if want deans list. I did at most 3 topics. (can buy at Popular)

My FREE physics notes


Same as Physics, Understand, then Practice. Both comes down to memory/ familiarization/ aka at your fingertips.
I used foolscap to do my notes, cos a bit more writing, drawing & less math.
Lecture notes not v useful.

Here’s ultimaonline’s guide. (ie the guide by cs toh will replace lecture notes) http://infinity.usanethosting.com/Tuition/index.htm#Books_for_H2_Chemistry

Review of Stuff.


Organic & Inorganic Chemistry by Sam Lee & Pang Peng Cheong.

  • //Good for understanding. (they went to my school to sell their latest edition/ bought online)


Chemistry A level study guide by CS Toh

  • //Good for understanding (Popular)

Chemistry A level practice MCQ by CS Toh

  • //Good for practice (Popular)

Chemistry A level practice Questions by CS Toh

  • //Good for practice structured (Popular)


Topical tys. NO worked solutions, ie only answer..

  • //Thin, not totally useless. but v. little questions. Post prelim, your school bookshop will print other JC prelim papers & solutions, and A level papers and solutions. Do them. No seriously. At least the A level ones, cos JC prelims are above standard, though chem a level trend is increasing difficulty.

My FREE CHEM NOTES : https://www.box.com/s/tp7txh05v33y3ssnxsti


  • ok, generally math is a linear subject. ie if you not genius, just grind. Argh, I mean PRACTICE CONSISTENTLY. Though must understand first. A level math is “easy” and is a “buffer” subject, if you do your work.
  • I think you can pon physics, chem, and esp econs lecture. But please not math, cos it’s fun! Ahem, I meant important. >_> Keep your lecture notes and tutorials and self practice qns.


Paper 1 (no stats) 2(40% no stats. 60%stats). Do the papers then u know la.
I used foolscap for notes/summary/techniques/qn types. Useful as practice aid.



NJC2010 H2 Math Prelim Revision package.

  • //Good for understanding. (online)


TYS topic by topic. qns and worked solutions.

  • //Good for practice. esp worked solutions. But NEED TO DO. For some time I just read the solutions. BAD idea. In math, DOING helps MEMORY. That is all.


Math A level study guide by CS Toh (i bought online)

  • //Unfortunately, this version is outdated, cos the stats content is different. Not sure about the new versions tho.


Math A level Challenging qns by CS toh. A level Challenging drill questions by thomas bond, chris hughes.

  • //Let it be Known. “challenging” = overkill zone. If you don’t want deans list/ H3, ie don’t need top prelim result, DO NOT buy this. A for h2 math is very doable k. Again, buy the A level paper your school bookshop will print after prelim.



  • ok, this is a tricky one. I could write another page on this. But here’s my bottom line on it. I took tuition (for various reasons), but after taking A levels, I think it’s quite possible to get A without tuition.
  • So, firstly it’s a humans subject needed for contrasting. But popular cos it “adds value”, relatively at least, ie more uses etc. Lecture notes may/may not be useful, mostly it’s just dead tree, as are most lecture notes.
  • You can download some of my notes/summaries that I had in softcopy, I can upload/send my other hardcopy notes if enough ppl pay for the scanning.

UNDERSTANDING is imo way more important than practicing, so you need the RIGHT NOTES. Writing a lot doesn’t get you the mark. Also, it’s pretty useless to try, cos under time constraint, you may find it hard to even finish the essays, still you need to write fast; I didn’t finish my conclusion but I think I can get A.

  • Paper 1 is Case study. Have 1 micro and 1 macro qn.
  • Paper 2 is Essay. 3 micro 3 macro, choose 3 at least 1 micro and 1 macro.
  • As for how to choose and answering skills, your school may teach you, if not take tuition, like me. will make you less scared. If you come from RJ, prepare to fail. nuf said. but only in school, a level cannot hor.
  • CAUTION: tuition will burn a hole in your pocket (or your parents’) As of 2012, w/o gov’t regulations yet, group tuition for econs alone is 70/2h lesson. wtf? I know, I know. That’s like 35/h. “market failure sia” said my econs tutor who stop tutoring after my batch. oh the irony..
  • Besides caveats, imo tuition is good cos you get info from experienced ppl. Athletes get coaches. Go figure.

Also, just SKIP all econs lectures. PLS. Scientifically proven to make you healthier just from less sitting! 1 more reason not to be popular in your class, stealth +5 :D, sup all my introvert hommies. Sample excuse: I fell down see? I was sitting with my girlfriend, i mean friend.. you ask her la. (actually sitting in canteen:)  But seriously, not worth it. I mean the lectures.


Generally, most econs books are unnecessary imo. You must be able to APPLY the IDEA(for CSQ). Else they’re all money sinks.


Insight magazine (the Econs version of Broader Perspectives)

  • //I only have the essay edition, can learn phrasing, but a bit ‘chim’. Other editions are good extra reading.


Comprehensive study guide for Econs by Fairfield book publishers

  • //Some irrelevant stuff, can learn stuff from it, but you’ll forget it anyway, so..


A level challenging drill qns and solutions by Thomas bond, Chris Hughes

  • //this version is outdated. i got scammed buying this 2nd hand came in a dam wrap. no more MCQs for a level k..


Challenging economics essays/ economics essay library by MEK munshi

  • //Notice challenging.. and sry it’s not remotely helpful, given the sheer amt of words. Also, notice same author, so same essays, not really but yea. Different arrangements.


A level economics Model Essays by Edmund Quek

  • //Can use some of the phrase. Good for practice. Again, please practice not just read.


Tuition lecture notes (Hardcopy)

  • //I read, a bit, cos they gave me last minute. Useful for content knowledge. Is really a marketing tool.


HCI revision notes for A level 2010 (Hardcopy)

  • //Useful for content knowledge.

My FREE Econs softcopy summaries can be downloaded free here

If you would like me to scan (hardcopy) files and send to you, Send requests to tableforc@gmail.com I will ask the photocopying shop how much, then split the cost, pay by paypal. 18yr old can get debit card so no prob ya?


Paper 1 compre. Paper 2 essay.
Er, I’m tired so I’ll just leave some links and downloads. Need to understand issue and use egs etc. Covered by essay issue in downloads. Read more. See the pattern of good essays.



KS bull RJC
//I’m from RJ btw so they sell to us.

GP A level TYS

For and against

Broader perspectives
//Useful for content and skills. (Read in your library/ buy online/ subscribe.)


Google search

prelim papers.

I haven’t touched them so I don’t think you would, anyway, your teachers will spam you w them.

Suggestions are welcome!


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