Could-do-better list (JC)

1. Sleep properly.

Failure to do so will mess up your psyche. Try it yourself: sleep properly for a few days. Result: major energy boost.

2. Study properly.

If it doesn’t make sense to you, or you don’t understand (ie. you can’t relate to it or identify with it) you sure you’re studying correctly, or smartly? or just hardly? you have to get it right. effort marks are not rewarded. except maybe pw? jk. it’s not…

2a Get the right materials.

ie. the useful ones. appendix is appendix for a reason. and tuition may/may not help much.

2b. Teachers can help

not useless.. and can help you to filter out irrelevance in notes, and give you good materials.

3. Negative feelings 😦

This may happen for a variety of reasons. not fitting in, getting bad marks, family pissing you off, etc. whatever they were, should have just moved along.. right back what is wrong.. these things were weighing me down. Need to lighten that load. And my day.

4. Eat properly. Paleo diet? Not quite.

not just cos of the timetable.. but 廢寢忘食 working too hard w/o breaks? what was I thinking.

also, you notice this trend where you’re considered a sad case if one has to eat alone in a crowded canteen.

5. Handle stress.

related to the demoralised pt. i had normal 4h2 and chinese pw gp. but got overwhelmed. the accumulated product of the above perhaps? failure will be probable in year 5/J1. expect it, for econs at least.

read the us navy survival guide chapter on stress.

6. Couldn’t say no. (though saying yes is impt too)

just had to be everyone’s saikang warrior, and failed attempts at being enthu. yes. sometimes it’s better to just pon(skip). well, it’s too late now. but at least i farmed much cip karma. pros and cons ppl.

7. Exercise.

should’ve ran more. clears my head esp. before dinner.

Trivia: 7 is the average short term memory capacity

But 8: Do more social things

Well, cos this kind of exercise is also worth it. Scientifically proven.


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