Step 2. Get Better books

How I use


2. reviews.

3. similar books.

I can buy ebooks in Singapore, but account gets banned after a few purchases, so need to keep making new accounts.


Keyword search terms, topics, links. Some Egs.

I have a summary collection on my Kindle. I read that most often. Searching for summaries saves time. Hyperink sells summaries and other cool stuff. check ’em out.

  • General:
  • how to read a book pdf
  • Kindle 4 NT tips

  • Stories:
  • (sherlock, Art of war. etc.)
  • Drawing:
  • Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley
  • Body language:
  • (“What everybody is saying”)
  • Brain related:
  • ( “Brain rules 12 principles..” , Memory, etc.)
  • Imagine
  • Education:
  • (Techniques for creative thinking- robert harris,
  • “the education of millionaires”) etc.
  • Writing:
  • (Vocab, “On writing well..”)


  • Get the summaries too if available, since most are long.
  • “Mastery-Keys to success”
  • “7 Habits of highly effective ppl”
  • “zen mind”etc.

Other Resources:

Torrent Sites
(educational purposes only! Can find some gems, if you’re willing to dig. And it’s probably illegal like IP illegal like  mp3 dl illegal. There. Said it. )


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