Step 1. Get Good Books

How to get books.

Start of expedition: Library. You knew that, right? NLB catalogue

Too many books.
Too many useless books.

Why uselss? Time. See I can’t juggle my life with reading billions of pages and remembering/using so little.

Caveats be made: Reading is a largely solitary activity, reading in front of others is, well, not good for your rep.

Online Tips: for book recommendationsreviews. v.useful.

Search for summaries to get main points. C’mon. You’re not really going to read/remember/apply that much.

NLB catalogue. Why torrent when you can get a real one.

Real life Tips:

Local SG bookstore: Books Actually Neat store.

Random library browsing. Just do it, the recommendation shelves need some attention. Check out the best sellers shelf, and expensive books section (ie. print heavy ie. design, art, graphic ie. will never appear online)

Ask people. Yes. Friends. Online people. Parents(will give you books on how to be more outgoing) .


Carry pdfs/mobi files anywhere. even in the toilet. And in lectures. What? I meant so your ‘classmates’ can call you a show-off. So people on the train can look over your shoulder and get a piece of that awesome.


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