My reading list

Finished reading / other stuff I would like ppl to read.

  • Imagine – Jonah Lehrer
  • Models Revised – Mark Manson
  • Mastering manga with mark crilley
  • how to steal like an artist
  • no more mr. nice guy
  • the happiness hypothesis – Johnathan Haidt
  • the power of myth – Joseph campbell
  • mastery keys to success long term fulfiment- george leonard
  • smile the astonishing power of a simple act – kindle single ron gut man

Going to read

  • how to appreciate music
  • the war of art
  • predictably irrational
  • how to read abook
  • how to read like a  lit professor
  • the righteous mind
  • man’s search for meaning
  • confessions of a public speaker
  • buddha’s brain
  • the fifth agreement
  • the lean startup
  • thisyeariwill
  • accidental creative
  • the prophet khalil gibran
  • stop stealing dreams seth godin
  • hero’s journey
  • tao te ching
  • drawing on the right side of brain
  • thinking fast and slow kahneman
  • how to rap art sci of hiphop
  • maigc of thinking big
  • just listen – goulston mark
  • improv wisdom
  • think and grow rich
  • emotional intelligence
  • zen mind
  • procrastination
  • the talent code
  • nonviolent communication – marshall br
  • psychopath test jon ronson
  • six thinking hats edward de bono
  • stein on writing tmp6a68
  • the education of millionaies

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